Customers say:

Robert from Litchfield Park, AZ says:
I liked the Tom Rush Signature guitar so much that I just had to have the Naked Lady.  It's every bit as good as the Signature guitar and I now reach for one of the two Tom Rush guitars when I sit down in my living room to play.   They're the last two guitars I'll ever buy
Steelstring speaks of his Tofino
If I picked this up in a guitar shop I would venture a guess that this guitar was in the 2K price range. Instead, it was a fraction of that cost. This is a great instrument at a price that defies all appearance and expectation.
Sarah from Toronto on her Opeongo
What a great guitar!!! The perfect materials and flawless workmanship used to create this small guitar delivers clear balanced acoustic tone whether you play quiet finger style or strum with passion! When I walk into my music room, my Opeongo is the first one I gravitate to.
Phill W on his Canadian Songwriter
This is the best purchase I have ever made the sound truly resonates with that Taylor & Martin quality!! beautiful deep tone with crisp high note clarity that only comes from high quality instrument.

Our Boxing Day LTP Sale 

Once a year we round up all the less than perfect guitars and chop prices. 

Purchase a Damaged and repaired acoustic guitar (or as slightly blemished beauty) at a great price. Quantities are very limited. Shop now.



Great Guitars Should be Affordable

Buying a really great acoustic guitar can cost a small fortune simply because it passes through so many hands before it reaches yours. There has to be a better way!

There is! We started MacKenzie & Marr Guitars almost a decade ago based on the belief that by using early 20th century skills and materials we could build world class solid wood acoustics and taking advantage of 21st century distribution, sell them at a fraction of the prices charged by our competitors .

We reasoned that with no dealers or distributors (or sub distributors or sub...sub get the idea) we could outspend other makers where it counts...materials and craftsmanship..... and still save musicians a whack of dough.

Turns out we were more right than we knew. Why other high price brands haven't started selling direct is beyond us.....Not that w're complaining. Let all the other guys keep their distributors and dealers happy even if it inflates prices by as much as 60% We're content to be the only brand cutting out the middle men and offering musicians great guitars at (almost) affordable prices.

Our baptism of fire

In 2010 Jonathan MacKenzie and John Marr appeared on CBC Dragons Den. They knew how good Tofino, their first guitar, was but would other musicians recognize the value? In a bold move they blindfolded Kevin O'Leary and asked him to decide between the MacKenzie & Marr guitar and one costing in excess of $5,000. Watch the video to see which one he chose.

What Size Acoustic Guitar Do You Prefer

When it comes to body size acoustic guitars range from small easy to manage parlour or OO bodies to large deep Dreadnoughts or Jumbo guitars. They all have their unique feel and sound. Which is right for you?

Small Body Guitars

Smaller body guitars, once the only option available fell out of favour in the early 1900's. They've made a resounding comeback a century later - with good reason. 

Medium Body Guitars

When we launched MacKenzie & Marr in the winter of 2010 it was with Tofino - a medium body cedar top solid wood acoustic.

Larger (Dreadnought) Body Guitars

When strong bass and a booming projection are called for it's time to pick up your "Dread" and let them know you're in town.

The Gratitude Canada 150

The Savings are even greater...

We launched our newest guitar - the Gratitude Canada 150 on Kickstarter. Until the end of November you could have scooped up one of these beauties for even less than our regular price...which is already less than a store would charge. For the millions (thousands? hundreds? dozens?) who wrote asking for an extension of the deal we have good news.

Check it out

An Important Note Regarding Porch Pirates

When we ship a guitar we always send it with instructions to the courier that a signature MUST obtained at the time of delivery. If no one is home to sign for the carton it will not be left. We do this to insure that your guitar does not fall into the hands of porch pirates (or other nefarious characters such as bass players or drummers).

Fall In Love In Less Than a Week

Try any of our guitars in the comfort of your own home. If you don't fall head over heels in love within a week we'll arrange to take it back and issue a full refund (including shipping).

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Kevin O'Leary was asked to choose between our $899.99 Tofino and a guitar costing considerably more. Guess which one he picked.   Watch the Dragons Den Episode

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