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Trump to Ban MacKenzie & Marr (humour)

A reliable source has reported that, Donald Trump if elected President, will to move to ban MacKenzie and Marr as well as their highly affordable guitars from entering the United States.

“Musical instruments lead to music which leads to harmony, understanding and good will toward men. That's not what we're about” Trump is quoted as saying. “We need to remain decisive about remaining divisive. Besides, both MacKenzie and Marr are Canadians. If we open our doors to them and their guitars what's going to follow.....a flood of flutes or French (Canadian) horns? Making music should be reserved for the rich. Affordable guitars are not in the county's interest.

Reached at his office in Montreal, John (Mr. Guitar) Marr reacted with surprise. He speculated that the proposed ban may have more to do with Mr. Trump's youthful and painful attempt to carve out a career as a Gypsy Jazz guitarist before being pulled into the family real estate business by his father (who is generally referred to as the “successful” Trump).

Dr. Jonathan (The Resonator) MacKenzie was busy saving lives and unavailable for comment.

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