Announcing the Winner of our Last Man Ordering Contest

We offered to knock 10% off the purchase price for the last person to place an order in the Month of February. Congratulations to Dean S. of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada who saves an additional $154 by winning the contest.


comment on slightly flawed buys

Hi folks just recieved my Dionisio and had a chance to play it, actually a good deal with the reduced pricing, I fixed the broken handle on the case, found a battery case that would work for the pickup, the slight varnish flaws and edging mistakes are not really noticible and dont make a diffence to the sound, I still need to find some tuning pegs to match the 4 good ones as two of them broke when I tried to tune it up. So a little sweat and input of $50 bucks saved 350 off the price. I think I still like my Tyson better. Thanks guys . Tom

Broken tuning pegs

We've had a few issues with broken tuning buttons and have replacements in stock. We'll send you a set of six new buttons tomorrow.

New buttons

Wow thanks John you are great Tom

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