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Curse You, Radio Paradise!

{But thank you too.}

Until recently, my early mornings were spent catching up on reading, with music playing softly in the background.

Then, curse you, Radio Paradise! You invaded our living room and reduced my already fractured reading attention span to a gnat-like syllable-at-a-time level.

Your choice of songs is great. Three streams to choose from and different quality for car and home also great, but .. did you have to go visual? ...and did you have to do it in such a riveting, stunning, compelling way?

Other streaming services that play through TV/Audio connections show boring, easily ignored images of album covers. But you, you're just not satisfied doing what everyone else does, are you? You choose to show a revolving set of impossibly great full-screen curated photos visually tied to the specific song playing. I can't take my eyes off the screen, and therein lies the demise of my morning reading...!

In closing: Keep it up. And Thank you!

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