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Delivering Guitars in Uncertain Times

The coronavirus that appeared four months ago has arrived in North America with a vengeance.
At MacKenzie & Marr Guitars we want to let you know some of the things we're doing to ensure the continued safety of our customers.

Here's what we're doing:

Only one person works in our loft at a time. We usually work as a team but for the duration of the danger, we'll stay away from each other.

The option of picking up your guitar in person is temporarily not available.
We've suspended customer visits to our loft.

We've also suspended all shipments of replacement tuning buttons, bridge pins etc. Sending them requires a trip to the post office which violates our self-quarantine and social distancing. We apologize to those waiting for parts.

Guitar orders - including pre-orders of Tofino X - are on track and will ship on time. We have instituted a two-day delay between packing a newly set up a new guitar and shipping it. It's highly unlikely, that, if present,  the virus could have survived on guitars or cases during the voyage from the workshop to our loft or, from there, on the trip to a new owner's home, but the addition of a couple of days rest seems to be prudent.

We're extending the 7 day "Love It Or Leave It" money back guarantee by three days which will allow new owners to leave the carton closed for a day or two if they so choose, and still have a week to fall in love with the guitar.

Perorders of Tofino X won't be affected. The May production has been completed and will arrive in our Montreal warehouse on time. We'll have enough stock to cover all existing pre-orders and a few extras for additional orders.

It's too early to say what delays we'll experience with The Ian Tyson Inspiration, a potential new Tom Rush guitar and other fall deliveries. Testing and quarantine of artisans in our workshop have been in place since early January. I'm pleased to say that theses measures have all but eliminated the spread of the virus among our workers and their families. Our hope is that our suppliers of materials - wood, bone tuning machines etc - will have similar success and resume deliveries soon.

In short - we will take every step possible to ensure the safe delivery of guitars to our customers. We may believe that some of the things we now do are overkill but we also believe that's not our call to make. We will listen to the medical experts and rigorously follow their advice.

Fall In Love In Less Than a Week

Try any of our guitars in the comfort of your own home. If you don't fall head over heels in love within a week we'll arrange to take it back and issue a full refund (including shipping).
*certain conditions apply.

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