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How do I get the electric pickup in my MacKenzie & Marr guitar to work?

I've plugged the guitar in to an amp but can't get any sound. I expect that the battery bag I found in the guitar case needs to be attached but have no clue how to do it.

To think that when we started MacKenzie & Marr Guitars, we didn't have a single guitar with an electric pickup. Now we offer electric sound enhancement as an optional upgrade for every guitar we produce. Don't get us wrong: We still think that cutting into the solid wood sidewall of a guitar to add an unsightly black plastic battery compartment is about as tacky as it gets. Thankfully L.R. Baggs offers alternatives. The amazing L.R. Baggs Anthem also adds an acoustic microphone to the undersaddle pickup. The battery of both is contained in a bag and also concealed inside the guitar. It's held in place by a patch of velcro. Getting the pickup to work requires 1. Connecting the battery to the terminals on the twisted red and black wire you should see inside the guitar. 2 Putting the battery back in the battery bag and attaching the battery bag to the Velcro patch. That patch will be inside the guitar - either beside the volume and tone controls or glued to the neck block. 4. Test the set-up by plugging into the amp using the jack at the endpin. Don't forget the old saying, "If you can't play well - Play loud!" Have fun. You'll need to loosen or remove the strings to do all that high tech stuff, so why not take the opportunity to change them?

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