MacKenzie & Marr Guitars On Dragon's Den January 13 2010

Kevin O'Leary Playing the MacKenzie & Marr Tofino on Dragon's Den

Tune in CBC on January 13 at 8 PM to see Jonathan and I pitch our business to five savvy investors on Dragon's Den. We know we have a winner in both our Tofino acoustic guitar and our business model. Selling high end acoustic guitars direct from the factory to musicians over the Internet means huge savings compared to retail. Will the Dragons recognize either our cedar top guitar or our business plan as worthy of an investment or will they tell us our "valuation is nuts, we're being greedy an/or there's no business here".
We're betting they love the guitar and see the savings to consumers as a winner. Think we're wrong? Leave a comment or visit our Facebook page to add your input to the Dragons Den poll.


Ian Tyson Limited edition

Like many others I am sure, I was hesitant in buying this through the internet but thought I'd take a chance, I have to tell you that after playing for over 30 years and trying "many" guitars, this truly is an amazing guitar. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone and "well worth" the money, the sound is amazing. I look forward to seeing other models coming, I will be adding to my collection!

Tyson edition

Hi Mike: I've been waffling back and forth between the Dionisio and the Tyson. I'm wondering if the Tyson has enough top end to avoid the ongoing deep country tone. Thanks....Ron

Ian Tyson guitar

The Ian Tyson guitar is a joy to play. The tone is excellent and it is a beautiful looking guitar. I took my guitar to a high end guitar store and the employees were excited to finally see the guitar they had been hearing so much about. After checking ou the Mackenzie and Marr product they said that it was comparable to $4000.00 guitar. The company is also impressive. They get top ratings for customer service. Other companies, both retail and online could learn a few things from these gentlemen. 10 out of 10, both thumbs up, standing ovation. If you wish to purchase a quality guitar and are concerned about buying it online, check out the various videos, especially Dragon's Den. You will not be disappointed and you will save a lot of money

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