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MacKenzie & Marr guitar owners' reviews

Please note: We publish all reviews exactly as they are submitted. Occasionally we may correct an obvious typo but that's it. The opinions you read are the owner's own words.

Mike from Gabriola

Thu, 02/04/2021 - 11:28

Well, 6 months or so ago I bought a Tofino Limited Edition and love it totally. Wrote a review on it. Today (only 10 days after ordering) I received my Opeongo 00 Acoustic parlour guitar. Based on the Tofino, I just had to get this one and man it is beautiful and sounds great. Everything about the Opeongo is top-notch. Right out of the pro four latch hard shell signature case it was in tune and the action was perfect. I've played it now for about an hour and absolutely love it. Easy to play and true the entire neck with an unbelievable loud full sound for a smaller body guitar. Living on a Gulf Island off the BC Canadian west coast I'm in a lot of ferry line ups so you'll see me in the back seat playing this guitar. To be buying guitars without seeing, touching or playing them seems nuts but I took a chance on the Tofino and now feel I don't need to go anywhere else. To me that says a lot about quality, sound, look and price. I'm already thinking of buying the Ian Tyson or the Grand Manan and I only just got the Opeongo today. After a year of Covid isolation and not going out for dinners, shows and concerts etc., I find I've saved enough to justify just one more guitar....ha ha.

Sam Z from Toronto

Wed, 01/27/2021 - 11:51

What can I say...quality and artisanship of Mackenzie & Marr guitars are out of this world! Preordered Tofino X and while waiting for this sweet guitar I bought a Martin mahogany to play for the interim. When Tofino X arrived a few weeks later, within seconds of playing I immediately regret buying the Martin, granted both guitars use different wood (cedar vs mahogany), but Tofino X exceeded my expectations in every way, from now on I won't buy another guitar unless it's from Mac&Marr. P.S. anyone interested in grabbing a Martin 000-15M in mint condition? :)

Mary from Silver Spring

Wed, 01/27/2021 - 11:46

This is a fantastic instrument. Perfectly set up. Beautiful to look at but the tone blows me away. So rich and angelic. I love everything about this guitar. Feels comfortable to play.

John from Baldur

Wed, 01/27/2021 - 11:43

I am very pleased with this guitar... There are several note worthy points. Aesthetic Beauty: One of the most beautiful instruments I have seen, let alone owned. The sap wood which runs throughout many parts of the guitar is beautiful against the dark tones of the rest of the instrument. Being a Florentine cutaway adds to the overall beauty while also implying that I might have the need to move that far up the neck.(I don't) The high gloss finish made it difficult to take a picture of it to send to friends. It was much like trying to take a picture of an unframed mirror, but in real time it looks fantastic and enhances the depth of the finish. My only complaint is with the clear pick guard. As with my other MacMarr purchase, a Tom Rush Naked Lady, it came with an uninstalled clear pick guard. The Naked Lady pick guard was much thinner and so less visible when installed. I like the look of pick-guard-less acoustic, but I also like the protection a clear guard provides. I realize I am being "picky"... Playability: As I play sitting down, the size of the guitar probably comes into play more so than for a standup player. I have owned my Naked Lady for a number of years, and find the this guitar much less tiring when played for extended periods. It sits comfortably on either leg, allowing me to shift my siting position, and I don't have the feeling of having to reach over the guitar in either position. The neck is well suited to my hand and style of playing. Sound: I had anticipated a much quieter guitar compared to the aforementioned Naked Lady. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that while perhaps not quite as much bass, it performs wonderfully through all ranges in both strumming or picking styles. Although I have yet to test the electronics in anything more than a LoudBox, the LR Baggs system is the same as in the Naked Lady, so I am not concerned. The guitar came well packed in a quality hard shell case. Although not needed the 7 day satisfaction guarantee gave me reassurance that I could change my mind if not happy. Great purchase experience of a great guitar. Nice addition to the stable... "I can drink too much whiskey, smoke too many cigars, but I'll never have too many guitars." JJ

Enderson from Montreal

Wed, 01/27/2021 - 11:40

Hi there, I am disappointed with the product I got: - Frets were quite sharp on the extremities, requiring filling; - The Electric pick up that came with the guitar came unglued after a couple of weeks. I have to re-glue it - and most importantly, there is a significant amount of buzzing, which varies by where in the fretboard one presses the strings, but the bussing is everywhere to a degree but much stronger on the lower strings and in the middle of the fretboard. Very disappointing given the price of the instrument. Not sure anything can be one, but as a consequence, I have not used the guitar that much at all, having to fall back on my old guitar. Regards, Enderson (From MacKenzie & Marr - Enderson, we'll be reaching out to you tomorrow. Sharp frets and buzzing strings are often a sign of a dry guitar, but dry or not, they can both be corrected, usually quite easily. We want you to enjoy your guitar so look for our call.)

Dan from Cincinnati

Tue, 01/05/2021 - 11:43

I had been in touch with MacKenzie & Marr, as I was very interested in a Grand Manon. I didn't expect to see one for many months. Out of the blue, John Marr informed me that one had become available. I was pretty excited. I've been playing guitar for over fifty-five years, and my first steel string acoustic was a Gibson J-50 (another slope-shouldered dreadnaught) which I had sold in order to buy a Martin D-28 in 1974. I still have that guitar. Some years later I passed up the opportunity to buy a J-45. I mention this because I'd never purchased an acoustic sight unseen (and unheard!), but your reviews were good, the guitar looked beautiful, and frankly, the price is irresistible. So I purchased it. As mentioned, I still have my beautiful old D-28, and also have access to a Taylor 314-CE. So the Grand Manon had a high bar to vault. It cleared the bar. Although I haven't "A-B-C'd" the guitars next to each other, after playing the Grand Manan, I played the Taylor and Martin, which are in a different location. The Grand Manon has all the tone of the Taylor, which is brighter than my Martin, and I do like that. I also expect the Grand Manon will warm with time, yet the tone is very full across the spectrum and I'm very happy with it right from the start. I mentioned passing on a J-45 some years ago, and frankly, its tone was muddy. I loved the look but hoped I'd find something better. I'm glad I waited. The intonation on the Grand Manon is perfect. The harmonics are crystal clear all over. Incidentally, your YouTube reviews just have flat pickers, which is great, but I'd love to see some different styles. The finish is beautiful. The joint work is clean. I like the machines, although I'm pretty used to close backed Grovers, and so at first I wasn't sure about the opened gears, but the ratio is very precise and I do like the retro feel of them. It just took a few minutes to grow accustomed to the look. The action is just where I like it, and I play and chord all over the neck. I appreciate the flat finish on the neck. Moving quickly is effortless. I'm pretty sure the thin pickguard, included, is designed to discourage anyone from using it. On the other hand, perhaps its lightness is meant to minimize loss of tone. Either way, I won't attach it. A good hardshell case is also included. I actually have not been able to plug the guitar in yet, but unless there is a problem with the wiring, I'm sure it will sound fine. I am very very pleased with my new Grand Manon. My thanks to John for notifying me of its availability, and expediting the shipping so promptly. I look forward to recommending MacKenzie & Marr to other musicians.

Daniel from Brampton

Tue, 12/29/2020 - 10:19

Better quality than expected Amazing Very easy to playing action Flawless guitar For the money extremely good quality 5 star rating from thank you very much Want to purchase a second one to keep at my other resisdence

Mike from Gabriola

Thu, 12/24/2020 - 12:53

I bought my Tofino guitar in July of 2020 with the LR Baggs Anthem pick up system. Of all the guitars I have I pick up this one all the time. I love it. It sounds amazing even with no amp has a sustain and ring that is so nice. The quality, look and feel are great. I can leave this guitar for days and it is always in tune. It is one of the best buys I've ever made. As a West Coast Canadian I was drawn to the name Tofino of course but mostly wanted to support Canadian business. Believe me, you won't be disappointed if you buy one of their guitars and I'm 72 and still buying and playing. Mike Mead

Art from Green Vqlley

Wed, 12/09/2020 - 10:08

Just a few comments on the Ian Tyson Inspiration Florentine cut-a-way acoustic guitar recently purchased - wow! Great visual appeal and detailed workmanship. The sound is full bodied - very clear and balanced. Wonderful playability. This instrument is a work of art for sure - the hardwood finish is exquisite and stunning. Overall a truly great value. Art from AZ & CT

Kenneth from Pittsbugh

Tue, 12/01/2020 - 16:11

I started my guitar journey last January and had never played guitar before, so I was very much a novice guitarist. I initially purchased a Yamaha FS-800 and it served me well for a couple of months. Over the course of time, I began to realize some of the incompatibilities the Yamaha and I shared and started researching purchasing another guitar. I wanted a guitar that I could grow with but didn’t break the bank. I stumbled across your website and was stunned by what I read. The price and quality of materials seemed incomprehensible, so I began to do more research. I watched a lot of videos and listened to many audio samples and was completely impressed. As a result I purchased the Grand Manan and received it in June of 2020. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the product, the fit, finish, and packaging was all top-notch. I wanted to wait until I became a better player and more familiar with the guitar before trying to do a review. So here I am, nearly a year later and I’m so pleased. The guitar hasn’t even opened up yet and the resonance is incredible, I love the rumbling feeling I get against the back and sides as I play. I find the neck shape to be very comfortable and even challenging bar chords are now within my reach (pun intended). The intonation is consistent up and down the neck and there’s a clarity to each note that I didn’t expect from a dreadnaught. Perhaps what’s been most surprising for me is the versatility of the guitar, I find it very capable when playing fingerstyle, picking or strumming. I’m also very happy I purchased when I did, I love the sunburst finish against the maple binding and understated rosette. Kudos to Mackenzie and Marr, you are a phenomenal craftsman, and you have my respect. I look forward to hearing what the Grand Manan and I can create musically as I become a more accomplished player.


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