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MacKenzie & Marr guitar owners' reviews

Please note: We publish all reviews exactly as they are submitted. Occasionally we may correct an obvious typo but that's it. The opinions you read are the owner's own words.

The Tom Rush Naked Lady

I've had my Naked Lady for a bit over a month now, and it is my daily 'go to' guitar. Right out of the box it was my favorite to play...great sound, OMG playability, beautiful. I host a monthly song circle...the musicians at it last month all took turns playing it and loved what it gives them. I'll continue to use two Martins for specific stays tuned to open G...but the Naked Lady is played every day.

Reveiwed by: atur44 on 01/05/2019 - 20:32

The Tom Rush Naked Lady

This is a FINE guitar. I've been a Tom Rush fan for decades and know he doesn't do a lot of endorsements, so I took notice when Tom endorsed this guitar.

It came out of the case beautifully set-up ready for tuning & play. I usually favor Elixir strings, so we'll see how the D'Addario's do longer term.

Aside from the intricate inlay on the neck, this guitar come with several upgrades that the Tom Rush Signature Dreadnought doesn't have, most especially the High Altitude cedar top.

The tone & volume are both outstanding. I have a couple of Martin's and a couple of Larrivee's that I really like, but the Naked Lady has easily become the best of the ones I have.

Reveiwed by: maynardjerome on 01/05/2019 - 13:30

Dionisio Cedar Top Cutaway

Let me first discuss my experience in purchasing a MacKenzie and Marr Dionisio guitar, and then discuss the attributes of the guitar itself.

In early 2016 I purchased an LTP Dionisio (in MacKenzie & Marr lingo, an LTP instrument is “less-than-perfect,” and sold at a discounted price). Early on, I noticed one of the tuning machine knobs was falling apart. Upon emailing M & M I reached one of the owners(!), John Marr, who was very apologetic that somehow the guitar had been shipped with older knobs (which apparently suffered this problem). John immediately sent me a new set of knobs which were easily installed, and are working fine.

The guitar did have some fret buzz, but I figured that could be rectified with a routine setup at my local, trusted luthier. However, upon taking the guitar in, my luthier determined that the fret buzz arose not from a simple adjustment, but a twisted neck – a serious issue that requires major repair, or replacement of the instrument.

At this point I grew concerned – I live in Arizona, while MacKenzie and Marr is a Canadian company, without retail dealers. If M & M was a less than reputable company, they could easily dismiss my concerns, it would not be worth me pursuing the problem across an international boundary, and I would be left with some very expensive firewood.

I returned the guitar to M & M, hoping for the best. John wrote back saying that they had inspected the guitar, that the neck was indeed twisted, that this was the first time they had run across this problem, and that they would be sending me out a replacement guitar at their expense. I was greatly relieved, and impressed, that they did the honorable thing. Indeed, John sent me a *first-quality* (non-LTP) replacement Dionisio to compensate me for my troubles.

Yes, the guitar I purchased was defective. But even new iPhones and Toyotas can occasionally have problems. My local luthier told me that *all* guitar manufacturers – Gibson, Martin, whomever – sell a few guitars with twisted necks. The important point is not my purchase of a defective instrument, but MacKenzie and Marr’s response as a company – a company I now trust and would do business with again.

Regarding the instrument itself, it has become my “go-to” standard guitar (i.e., non- baritone, non-resonator). I find that guitar reviews sometimes sound a bit like wine reviews -- if you can detect all the supposed nuance and subtlety in a glass of wine, or a guitar, great, but I don’t think I can. I do, however, know what I like, and I like the Dionisio. But let me relate what others have said about my Dionisio.

I play original, solo, singer-songwriter material. I recently played the Tucson Folk Festival, and the Dionisio was my “standard” guitar for the 30-minute set. Before the festival, my trusted local luthier set up the guitar, including installing a new, bone nut with slightly wider string spacing (I've done this on many of my guitars -- like many fingerstyle players, I prefer the wider spacing). These are quality, experienced luthiers whom I have dealt with for years. When I picked up the guitar, the guy who had done the work was almost raving at what a nice guitar it was! He said that he and another guy in the shop just loved playing it! He even joked around that they would like to rent it from me sometime (actually, I think he was only *half* joking). I've never had anything like such a reaction before from these luthiers, despite the many guitars of mine that they've worked on.

Also in preparation for the festival, I purchased a Fishman humbucking soundhole pickup for the guitar (I had purchased the guitar with the standard, baseline Fishman Sonotone pickup). Now, please realize that the Tucson Folk Festival is a quality event, and the sound engineers are experienced, competent people. The sound engineer at my stage was a guitar player himself, and performed a set at the festival. After my first couple songs with the Dionisio, the sound engineer *stopped me between songs,* and (with the audience listening!) asked what kind of guitar I was playing -- because, he said, "it sounds ridiculously good." Yup. Those were his exact words: "ridiculously good." Now, the pickup (and, I hope, my playing!) could have had something to do with that assessment. Still, lots of players no doubt had good pickups in their guitars, and lots of them are good players. But despite watching a number of performers play with this particular sound engineer, I never saw him make comments to any of the performers during the performance.

I said to him (again, this was between songs) that it was a Canadian guitar, and I would show it to him after my set. When I did so, he seemed certain it was a custom-built guitar, made in Canada. When I said No, it's Chinese, he said "No way!" Yes ... way.

Anyway, that's high praise for the Dionisio, and from people who know what they're talking about. There are countless wonderful acoustic guitar choices out there. I can’t say what others should buy, but I’m very happy with my Dionisio.

Reveiwed by: gary.bowman on 06/28/2018 - 11:44

Gratitude Canada 150 - LTP

Great looking and great playing guitar. I love the neck and the action is indeed like an electric. This doesn't sacrifice sound though. Very balanced, low, mid, and high!

I had the Anthem pickup installed as well. Since I play live with a full band, this is a must and unlike other pickups, the Anthem is true to the acoustic sound, giving a natural fullness.

Excellent product to showcase Canada 150!

Reveiwed by: rmcintosh on 04/27/2018 - 11:32

Gratitude Canada 150 - LTP

Quite happy with it. Chords ring very loud, and the guitar is simply easier to play than others. It's a good looking guitar as well, and the hardshell case is clearly made for the guitar. Would recommend.

Reveiwed by: brentbrockerville on 03/26/2018 - 22:00

Gratitude Canada 150 - LTP

Well, all i gotta say is I am very impressed once again!!! Great bass, yet rings like bell. The neck feels alot like my less paul neck. Awesome volume. I stopped goin by the music store to try the Martins/Gibsons. LoL, these play as good and sound better!!! I will be recomending Mac&Marr guitars to everyone I hear looking for a new one. Great job.

Reveiwed by: bowhonk on 03/16/2018 - 09:38

Gratitude Canada 150 - LTP

Canada 150 #3 arrived....And I love it! Well made, fine finish, perfect intonation on all the frets
and well balanced tone. Did I mention it is LOUD? It has a big booming sound
like a Dreadnought, but better balanced between the highs and lows. I will be
recommending MacKenzie and Marr to others.
Thanks so much!
Reveiwed by: Art Boebinger on 03/08/2018 - 14:13

Opeongo OO

I'm not really a musician, but I love playing the ten finger style tunes I know over and over until my wife leaves the room. A few years ago I decided that I wanted a parlor guitar. I bought a pre-war Regal guitar. It has a sweet sound, but is difficult to play due to a thick neck and high action. Didn't matter for a while, but then I got sick and ended up with peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet. Couldn't play guitar, couldn't type for a couple of years. When I improved some, I thought I could play again if I had a more a forgiving guitar than the Regal with which to work. That's when I ordered the Opeongo.

I'm not a stranger to Mackenzie & Marr. As a birthday gift, I gave my son one of the Ian Tyson models when they were released. So I expected high quality and extraordinary value. And that's what I got with the Opeongo. It is virtually the perfect guitar for me. Even with neuropathy in my hands, the Opeongo feels better than any other instrument I own. There is virtually nothing I can say about it that is negative. I admit to being a little surprised by the matte finish. It's fine, I just expected a gloss finish. So, the instrument's form and finish are beautiful, the setup is excellent, and the materials seem to be of very high quality. I'm not an expert at judging sound, but it seems plenty loud and balanced to me.

In short it is everything I had hoped it would be ... plus an extraordinary value. For anyone in the market for a new 00 size parlor guitar, I can't imagine a better choice ... at least not without spending thousands. I'm so pleased, I'm considering learning an eleventh tune.

Reveiwed by: Hal Webre on 02/08/2018 - 22:10

The Tom Rush Naked Lady

My Naked Lady arrived a few days ago, all I have to say is where has this geeetar been my whole life. OMG wow. I've played many high end guitars and this my friends tops them all. Bar none. Amazingly deep full sounding with lots of undertones, and clean note separation. Also the harmonics it produces are second to none!!!!

Great company to deal with too. Talked to John over the phone and he is very honest. I will b buying more from these guys for sure. Keep up the great work.

Reveiwed by: bowhonk on 01/30/2018 - 18:56

Tofino X (10th Anniversary Limited Edition)

My partner bought me a Tofino for my birthday and I love it! The fretboard is easy to maneuver..nice low action on the strings and the sound is unbelievable, compared to the other 6 acoustics I own. Thank-you Mackenzie and Marr for creating solid quality at a reasonable price!!

Reveiwed by: saskriderzrok on 12/03/2017 - 12:41


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