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Please note: We publish all reviews exactly as they are submitted. Occasionally we may correct an obvious typo but that's it. The opinions you read are the owner's own words. Some of the earlier reviews mention long wait times for delivery. When the world first discovered MacKenzie & Marr Guitars we were flooded with orders. Backorder delays were common. Our production has now caught up with demand. Most guitars are in stock and can be delivered quickly. Current inventory and delivery times are on this page.


Well my Tofino #174 showed up on time the box in great shape and the packaging was superb. I immediatly unveild this beautiful instrument checked it over with a fine tooth comb so to speak. The only very minor flaw was the wiring clip on the inside had let go and was riding loose on the wires instead of holding the wires up and against the side like it was designed to do. Emailed and phoned John and he returned both and told me the very minor job of getting some double sided tape and tape the wire holder clip back in place. Tuned the guitar with my electronic tuner and WOW what a deep beautiful sound being projected from this guitar. Within one minute of playing it like others have said I knew it was not going back. I would recommend this guitar to anyone looking to buy one, you cannot go wrong by buying one of these guitars online. John was helpful and got back to me everytime I had a question. I lost my tracking number by mistake and asked him to resend it to me and it was done. Very pleased and happy with my purchase now I have to decide whether or not to put the pick guard on or not. The guitar comes with a hard case as well and it is a nice one to boot. Rod


Saw the recent Dragon's Den and was excited about the MacKenzie and Marr guitars. Never heard of them before. On an impulse I decided to try one. My wife thought I was mad to buy a guitar on line without having seen or played it. I talked to John on the phone next morning and felt reassured. The Tofino arrived within a few days. It is beautifully crafted. Started playing it at suppertime when I opened the box and continued on into the evening sitting in the dark. Couldn't put it down. What a sound! Rich. Rich! Compares very favourably with my 1941 Martin. It's great value and I'd recommend this guitar to anyone.

The Tom Rush Naked Lady

I bought my Ian Tyson model a year ago; so it did not take too much of a leap of faith to order a Naked Lady last week. Naked Lady #14 arrived here in Texas today and is nestled beside Ian and between my D28 and D18. She plays smooth and mellow and is a true beauty. Now I am going to have real problems deciding which to play they are all great. Congrats Mac and Marr you have done yourselves proud. The addition of the safety neck strap in the case is a nice touch. I have never dumped a guitar picking up a case that was not fastened - but I have seen it happen to others.

The Tom Rush Signature Dreadnought

Got my all purpose guitar now! I really like the way the Lady plays (but did not want to lug her to parties and risk damage) so I thought the signature might be a good lug around. I don't know what the poor thing went through on the way to Texas but when I tuned it up the strings buzzed like a bee hive. Since the warehouse that ships in the U.S. seems to be located in the New York area I figured maybe Tom got thirsty on the way down here. The humidity is running between 55 and 60 here so I left the case open for a few days, tuned and all is well. I chose the Rosewood option to keep as close to the sound of the Lady as possible, it plays like the Lady (nice action - no need for a setup) and sounds as close as can be to the Lady (a little different but still sweet, perhaps just the difference found between any two guitars). The only thing I might change is the tuners, I really like the locking tuners on the Lady. They look to be Grover 502G's, so maybe a trip to the luthier in a few months. I'm a happy camper now, have a sweet guitar I can take to parties, and the Lady for less hectic times; and while I would be upset if someone harmed Tom, I would'nt feel the need to break their fingers. Saving 25 percent made it perfect...

Opeongo OO

I'm not really a musician, but I love playing the ten finger style tunes I know over and over until my wife leaves the room. A few years ago I decided that I wanted a parlor guitar. I bought a pre-war Regal guitar. It has a sweet sound, but is difficult to play due to a thick neck and high action. Didn't matter for a while, but then I got sick and ended up with peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet. Couldn't play guitar, couldn't type for a couple of years. When I improved some, I thought I could play again if I had a more a forgiving guitar than the Regal with which to work. That's when I ordered the Opeongo.

I'm not a stranger to Mackenzie & Marr. As a birthday gift, I gave my son one of the Ian Tyson models when they were released. So I expected high quality and extraordinary value. And that's what I got with the Opeongo. It is virtually the perfect guitar for me. Even with neuropathy in my hands, the Opeongo feels better than any other instrument I own. There is virtually nothing I can say about it that is negative. I admit to being a little surprised by the matte finish. It's fine, I just expected a gloss finish. So, the instrument's form and finish are beautiful, the setup is excellent, and the materials seem to be of very high quality. I'm not an expert at judging sound, but it seems plenty loud and balanced to me.

In short it is everything I had hoped it would be ... plus an extraordinary value. For anyone in the market for a new 00 size parlor guitar, I can't imagine a better choice ... at least not without spending thousands. I'm so pleased, I'm considering learning an eleventh tune.

Hal Webre

Opeongo OO

What an absolutely lovely guitar.  First of all the sound is splendid, but I suspect that goes without saying when it comes to a MacKenzie & Marr guitar.  What I really want to talk about is the comfort.  I can just sit anywhere with this guitar and feel really comfortable, even more recently often sitting with it in front of my home office desktop as I consult the www for various songs to play.  To be honest, I don't think I was even aware of the "parlour" sized guitar before I saw the Opeongo.  While other reviewers reassure that the sound of the guitar is loud enough I want to emphasize how nicely it fits with the singing voice of a rather soft-spoken person.  I can actually sing with this guitar without being drowned out!  Buying a MacKenzie & Marr guitar was on my shopping list for maybe 5 years and I'm delighted that my delay coincided with the arrival of the Opeongo.  It was also delightful meeting John Marr!



Ken Sproul, Toronto



Took to California for the winter. Fellow guitar players were astounded at the fantastic sound and tone of this guitar. And it's mine, mine, mine
Bill Klasky


The Dionisio is an amazing sounding guitar, I could not be happier with the way it plays. My only complaint is the battery pack for the pickup was poorly glued and I have had to glue it back onto its spot myself. A small thing that in no way has taken away from how much I enjoy this guitar.


5 star rating I am a new guitar student The craftsmanship is outstanding and even thought my repertoire of cords is small the sound is amazing. Thanks so much The instrument is a pleasure to play.


great guitar, fantastic sound quality
giorgio 1956


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