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MacKenzie & Marr Guitars Limited Warranty

To help protect your investment, MacKenzie & Marr Guitars Inc. provides this limited warranty. Please review it and keep it handy. If your guitar ever develops a problem you believe is covered under warranty, feel free to call or email customer service with any questions you might have.

1) Terms and Conditions.

MacKenzie & Marr Guitars Inc. warrants solely to the original purchaser of this MacKenzie & Marr acoustic guitar that the instrument purchased shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for as long as the instrument is owned by the original purchaser, and until the ownership of the instrument is transferred to another (unless otherwise noted by MacKenzie & Marr Guitars Inc.). This Limited Warranty does not apply: (a) to wear or breakage of frets or strings, or other normal wear and tear of the instrument or its parts; (b) to asserted defects caused by modification, misuse or abuse or improper maintenance of the instrument; (c) to asserted defects involving subjective personal likes or judgements; (d) to asserted defects caused by accident or exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity which cause harm to the instrument; (e) asserted defects of electrical components or hardware such as tuning machines not reported to MacKenzie & Marr Guitars by email within  7 (seven) days of receipt of the guitar; (f) to defects asserted by any purchaser who did not purchase the instrument directly from MacKenzie & Marr Guitars Inc. or an authorized MacKenzie & Marr dealer in the United States of America or Canada.

Additional warranty consideration covering components specifically excluded in the above will be extnended to original owners who have taken time to write a review of their instrument on the apprporiate product page of the official MacKenzie & Marr web site.

2) Limitation on Obligations.

The obligations of MacKenzie & Marr hereunder are limited to repair or replacement of parts of the instrument found to be defective under this Limited Warranty. In no event shall MacKenzie & Marr be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to time, wages or lost profits, of any nature or kind or for damages to or loss of property. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY IS THE SOLE WARRANTY OF MACKENZIE & MARR GUITARS WITH REGARD TO MACKENZIE AND MARR BRANDED INSTRUMENTS ONLY, AND IS GIVEN IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR PURPOSE.
3) No Other Warranties.

The Limited Warranty set forth herein constitutes the entire warranty and representation of MacKenzie & Marr with regard to its MacKenzie & Marr branded acoustic guitars only. This Limited Warranty shall be controlling over any conflicting terms and conditions of any purchase orders, contracts or invoices which may be executed in connection with the purchase of the MacKenzie & Marr musical instrument. NO representation or warranty made by any MacKenzie & Marr salesperson, agent, representative or employee shall be binding upon MacKenzie & Marr other than as set forth herein.

4) Claim Procedures.

Unless purchaser is notified in writing that repairs and service under this Limited Warranty may be made by an authorized MacKenzie & Marr warranty repair centre, claims for warranty performance and service shall be made by sending the instrument, shipping and insurance prepaid by the purchaser, to MacKenzie & Marr at the address shown on the contacts page of the MacKenzie & Marr official web site, together with (a) evidence confirming the original purchase by purchaser (such as a copy of the sales invoice or receipt, a credit card slip, or the like); (b) a brief description of the nature of the asserted defect; and (c) the name, address and phone number of the original purchaser to whom the instrument is to be returned. Please call or email Customer Service prior to shipping your guitar. MacKenzie & Marr shall review the description of the asserted defect, examine the instrument, and make service, repairs and replacements as appropriate under this Limited Warranty. Upon completion of the service, the instrument shall be returned by MacKenzie & Marr Guitars Inc. to the original purchaser, shipping and insurance to be paid by the purchaser. In the event it is determined that the asserted defect is not covered by or is excluded from this Limited Warranty, the instrument shall be returned without repairs or replacement, shipping and insurance to be paid by the purchaser.

5) Legal Remedies.

Depending upon the province in which you reside, you may have additional legal remedies available under the applicable federal or provincial Consumer Protection Acts.

Important Care Instructions

Your guitar is constructed from carefully selected, dried and seasoned solid wood. Solid wood will absorb moisture in wet climates and give off moisture in dry climates. If you live in a dry, mountain, or cold winter region, you will experience dry weather from time to time which could crack your guitar. If not taken care of properly, your guitar will crack. This damage is very serious and is not covered by this limited warranty, but can easily be prevented by storing your guitar in an environment of at least 45% relative humidity. The best way to do this is to use a full-room humidifier. For temporary situations such as travel store the guitar in its case and use a sound hole or in-case humidifier.

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