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Why can't FedEx or UPS find a shipment related to the tracking number in an email I received?

FedEx (or UPS) sent me an e-mail with a tracking number and an expected delivery date. When my guitar failed to show up on that date I called them, only to be told they had no package matching that tracking number.

Both FedEx and UPS send notification emails as soon as we generate your shipping label. The initial notice states something like "billing information received" or "pickup information received". It's deceptive if you're not familiar with their system in that it quotes a delivery date and leaves the impression the package itself has been picked up. We generate a shipping label as soon as pack the guitar for delivery. That triggers the email with the tracking number. But until the carrier picks it up, scans it, and prepares the carton for shipping the message you receive on their tracking site is confusing. I

In many cases we indicate the pickup date will be a day or two after the label is generated but some customers miss that detail.

This can be even more aggravating if you live in the US. Guitars are delivered from our Montreal warehouse to UPS in Plattsburgh NY. by a cross border carrier. Occasionally a carton gets held at US customs before going on to UPS, but generally the delivery takes place a day after the label is created.

For reasons we've never been able to figure out UPS doesn't update the tracking information for at least 24 hours after they receive the carton. Your guitar could be on its way to you before the tracking number update goes live. Please be patient. It's not a perfect system but in the end it works.

Meanwhile you're chomping at the bit for your new guitar and getting upset every time a delivery truck passes your driveway. Being able to advise a customer of the location of their guitar by email is a great tool. You get a notice at every stage of the delivery cycle. But we wish the courier companies would re-word that initial e-mail to make it a whole lot clearer!

Keep checking their tracking site. Within a day or two the status will update so you know when to anticipate delivery.

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