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The Legends Series

When Ian Tyson was kind enough to endorse a guitar we created to enhance his style of play our "Legends" series was born. The Ian Tyson Limited Edition - now sold out - was our first Legends guitar. Since then we've (in our own humble opinion) outdone ourselves with the re-birth of one of the classic guitars of the acoustic folk era - Tom Rush's Naked Lady. We'll be adding more tributes to other legendary musicians in the near future.
The Tom Rush Naked Lady,

The Tom Rush Naked Lady

A solid wood Dreadnought acoustic guitar. The top wood is high altitude Cedar, back and sides are AAA bookmatched Indian Rosewood.

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List price:USD $1,636.83
Price:USD $1,145.78

The Tom Rush Signature Dreadnought

A booming Dreadnought guitar with AAA grade Cedar top, bookmatched Indian Rosewood B/S and Ebony fretboard and bridge. 

Price:USD $967.21
The Canadian Songwriter,

The Canadian Songwriter

Our dreadnought body formed the foundation for the Canadian Songwriter. It's been an astoundingly successful shape since we launched it. Mahogany was the obvious wood choice to for the back and sides. It is a wonderful tone wood for highlighting higher frequencies. How did we add back in the power in the mid registers? The secret is in the top wood. Cedar tops are our specialty. 


Price:USD $595.21

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