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The Financial Post

Striking a chord - and a deal

John Marr and Jonathan MacKenzie, co-founders of MacKenzie & Marr Guitars Inc., turned to the den for help manufacturing what they said would be a winning product: hand-crafted, solid wood acoustic guitars made in China. The sales twist: They would retail it strictly online........

The Waterloo Chronicle

Former Waterloo residents make their musical pitch to CBC’s Dragons’ Den
January 13 2010

Charlotte Prong spoke with John and managed to capture the essence of the company's guitar and the important role friendship plays in shaping MacKenzie & Marr Guitars.

The Hudson Gazette

The weekly Hudson Gazette ran a great article on MacKenzie & Marr Guitars appearance on CBC Dragon's Den. From the home page of the paper click on "Other News" and scroll down to the article and photo of John Jonathan and Kevin O'Leary.

Kitchener Waterloo Record

Guitar makers put to the test on Dragon’s Den
by Greg Mercer - Record staff

Who can say anything bad about a slow news day if it puts us on the front page of the Kitchener Waterloo Record? Greg Mercer did a wonderful job of coalescing John's ramblings into a tight accurate article. A side benefit of the article was a host of e-mails from old Waterloo friends and aqaintances.


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