The Tom Rush Signature Dreadnought

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Saturday, January 7, 2017 - 09:25 by bwrgarlitz

Jan 7th, 2017
To start off I kept the guitar, and it is now my main guitar I play every day. After ordering my guitar I received an email that a shipping number would be sent. Never sent until 2 days later after I sent a request. Then the number was not active for another 5 days. It took 2 weeks for my guitar to arrive. Most things I order online show up in 2 to 3 days. I was getting worried and thought about cancelling my order. The guitar finally arrived! The packaging was excellent, the guitar case was good. I opened the case, and the looks of the guitar was underwhelming. The frets overhang the finger board, still do after 3 weeks, I will dress them up in the next couple days. Looking inside the guitar the bracing looked like they went through a dull shaper and never sanded. The lining looks like it was fitted with a dull ax. Like I said I was underwhelmed. Then I tuned it up and started to play. The setup was spot on, the pliability is excellent and the tone for me is perfect. My wife even commented on how nice the guitar sounds. If this guitar was broken, lost or stolen I would order another the same day. Blindfolded you would pick this guitar over any $3000.00 guitar I ever played. Would I recommend this Guitar? YES, the sound and playability are excellent and well worth the sale price I paid.

Monday, December 19, 2016 - 09:39 by jgdean

What a beauty!  It looks amazing and is even more fun to hold and play!  It is so easy and smooth to play.  When they say it is has a booming bass and rich tones - they aren't kidding.  It has a very full and rich sound that is a treat to look forward to playing every night. I had other cheaper guitars until this point and was looking for a long term guitar that would be a treat to play, use with friends and treat for them to play when over, and able to plug in when neeed, but also with a bit of a wow factor with all solid wood and from a Canadian company.  My budget was around ~$1,000 and with the sale price on now it is in that range and is in a league of its own when compared to the other laminated versions at that price range.  You also get a super nice black hard case with lock that is really nice, a pickup system, and shipped and at your door within a few days.  The support and ablitly to talk with the owner John via email and directly over the phone is unheard of and second to none.  You won't be disappointed.  Enjoy as I have had! JD    

Monday, September 12, 2016 - 21:01 by rdhigginson

We purchased the Tom Rush Signature as a Xmas gift for my son on Nov./12.  It's been 4 years and it still plays and sounds great (when I get a chance to play it!) . I also have an Ian Tyson that I purchased in June/12 and  it also plays and sounds great. Both guitars are aging nicely . The  Tom Rush is not so bright and getting more mellow and richer everyday. I also have an older Larrivee Jumbo that's 16 years old. The Tom Rush and the Ian Tyson are equal in quality and sound to the older Larrivee.                       I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing another guitar from these guys.

Rob Higginson

Monday, September 12, 2016 - 15:37 by blata

The guitar is great. Ever since buying her, I've neglected all of my others. I recently took it to a get-together, and all of my guitar colleagues couldn't stop raving about the quality of the sound and feel of the guitar, comparing her to Martin's products. Booming bass, great feel, holds the tone nicely. I highly recommend investing in this one of a kind signature dreadnought. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 16:30 by rg.dorval

After buying a Tofino guitar in 2015 and being so pleased with it, I started looking at the larger bodied Tom Rush Signature guitar. I have been wanting to get a solid Rosewood guitar for quite a while but really couldn't decide on what to buy. Playing the Tofino made up my mind for me. Seeing the quality of the Mackenzie Marr brand I felt really comfortable ordering one. When I received it I was really pleased!!  The finish on it was excellent and the set up was perfect, no tinkering needed. Side by side with the Tofino they are two impressive looking guitars but two different sounding guitars.  I found the Tom Rush Signature to have a much more "mellow" sound and the Tofino a "brighter" sound.............a perfect pair.  I cannot comment on the electronics as I prefer to play unplugged but playing it unplugged the sound is lovely.  One thing I did notice was when playing the G,B and high E strings on the 14th+ Frets, the sound is clear and pure, not the case with other guitars I have. The only negative is the fret edges are just a tad rough but nothing that detracts from the playability and that could well be caused by the dryness in the house this time of year.  All in all a super guitar and another "keeper".

Thanks again John for quality instruments at affordable prices.  Keep them coming!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014 - 17:11 by RWhite
Landed A Lefty It's pretty difficult to find a lefty guitar in SW Ontario. Every place you go may have a few entry level guitars on the wall amongst the wide array of righty's. You can never play 4 or 5 different guitars for comparison or two of the same model to make sure you get your pick. There is one boutique store by my home that allowed me to check out 10 or so Lefty's but they were all $3000 and up. Even my novice ear could appreciate the amazing tone, but I couldn't justify the price. I spoke to John Marr on several occasions and decided that a Tom Rush Dreadnought converted to play left-handed would be my best bet. He assured me that I would get that premium quality tone at a reasonable price. Within a week of placing my order, the conversion was complete and a day later my new lefty arrived. I was quite pleased with the whole process and the product is superb. When I unravelled all the protective packaging and took a close look at the guitar I found it to be quite a beautiful instrument. It played quite well on day 1 and after a couple days of allowing it to acclimate to my home, I can say that it really does match the sound of those high end guitars from the boutique store. I am very pleased by my experience with MacKenzie & Marr and would encourage you to take a small step of faith and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you made a great online purchase. Thanks John!!
Sunday, March 24, 2013 - 14:46 by cgchris77546
Got my all purpose guitar now! I really like the way the Lady plays (but did not want to lug her to parties and risk damage) so I thought the signature might be a good lug around. I don't know what the poor thing went through on the way to Texas but when I tuned it up the strings buzzed like a bee hive. Since the warehouse that ships in the U.S. seems to be located in the New York area I figured maybe Tom got thirsty on the way down here. The humidity is running between 55 and 60 here so I left the case open for a few days, tuned and all is well. I chose the Rosewood option to keep as close to the sound of the Lady as possible, it plays like the Lady (nice action - no need for a setup) and sounds as close as can be to the Lady (a little different but still sweet, perhaps just the difference found between any two guitars). The only thing I might change is the tuners, I really like the locking tuners on the Lady. They look to be Grover 502G's, so maybe a trip to the luthier in a few months. I'm a happy camper now, have a sweet guitar I can take to parties, and the Lady for less hectic times; and while I would be upset if someone harmed Tom, I would'nt feel the need to break their fingers. Saving 25 percent made it perfect...
Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 10:46 by pharmatuk
Well I did it again. I own the #3 Naked lady….I have been playing it so much (just an amateur that loves the sound of a guitar and folk music, but has absolutely no talent) that I now have regrown the callouses on the fingers of my left hand (had them when younger, but me and the guitar drifted apart for a while. Wife kids, Navy, second careers and Life will do that to ya)….Trying to figure out the other day who would get the Lady when I go. My kids (I’m 66) all said that I have to leave the Lady to my grandson...make it a family heirloom… daughter, who I wanted to give it to and who is a musician has a daughter (age 8) that wants pop-pop to teach her to play. So now I need a guitar that I can give to her when she is older so that we can all play togther. Problem solved. Today I bought another of the best guitars around…I wanted the best as it too will be passed to grandkids with love. See ya in Boston! Pete
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