The Ian Tyson Inspiration Acoustic Guitar

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The Ian Tyson Inspiration Acoustic Guitar

A solid wood Florentine cut-a-way acoustic

The Ian Tyson Inspiration solid wood acoustic
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The Ian Tyson Inspiration is a solid wood Florentine cut-a-way acoustic guitar crafted with AAA-grade Sitka Spruce and book-matched Bolivian Rosewood.

Thank you Ian. Your memory lives on.

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CAD $3,299.99
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When we found a special stash of rare bookmatched Bolivian Rosewood with both heartwood and sapwood, we knew it was destined for an exceptional guitar. We challenged our workshop artisans to craft a one-of-a-kind model defining the art of building a MacKenzie and Marr acoustic.

They asked for inspiration, so we turned to our old friend in Alberta. Ian Tyson had definite ideas about what he wanted. The result of his input, together with the skill of our craftsmen, has delivered an exceptional solid wood Florentine cutaway - the Ian Tyson Inspiration, the newest MacKenzie & Marr Guitar.

A Florentine cutaway, one that comes to a sharp point, differs from a gently curved Venetian cutaway in more than just visual appeal. With a Florentine cutaway, the guitar is constructed as a symmetrical full-body model, and then the cutaway section is removed. The sidewall of the now-detached section is inverted and re-attached, creating the unique Florentine profile.

Because of the skill, time and difficulty required to craft a genuine Florentine cutaway, they are not as common as the Venetian version.

Please note:
The blend between dark heartwood and lighter sapwood varies from guitar to guitar. No matter the blend between the two, we guarantee that your guitar will be a work of art. (NB. Jerry, our luthier, and John waste a lot of time simply marvelling at each guitar as they prep it.)
The black pickguard on the sample is just plain ugly. All production guitars will have the clear pickguard pictured in the image gallery below.

Owner Reviews


Thu, 05/16/2024 - 15:12

I recently received the Ian Tyson Inspiration model. I’ll begin at the end – simply superb! I am fortunate to have a number of high-end guitars in my stable, some costing much more than this one, and although they all have their merits, in terms of design, materials, workmanship, playability, and tone, this guitar goes head-to-head. The design of the guitar is well thought out. It strikes me as a pinched waste mini-jumbo which along with the materials and workmanship make for a very versatile instrument but I’ll get to that. The neck is very comfortable – a flatted C-shape. The heel is carved flat, which along with the perfectly executed Florentine cutaway provides excellent access to the highest frets should one choose to explore that territory. The workmanship is impeccable even on the interior. The nitrocellulose finish, a nice choice, is perfectly applied and provides a showcase for the top, back, and sides. The top is definitely at least AAA Sitka with tight grain and replete with medullary silking – perfect. The Bolivian Rosewood (aka Pau Ferro – iron wood in Portuguese, Santo Rosewood) is STUNNING with a narrow sapwood center, straight grain bordering the sapwood with lovely figuring toward the outer edges. NOTE: Pau Ferro is not a true rosewood (Dalbergia) but is a closely related genus (Mashaerium). To my eyes and ears is indistinguishable from Palo Escrito, a true Dalbergia, and less dense than most rosewoods. I believe that many would think that the tonal characteristics of this guitar fall about midway between Honduran mahogany and Indian rosewood, as do I. The binding is black – not sure what it is made of. The rosette is lovely – the nicest of any of my guitars. The Grover gold plated, open-back tuning machines are as beautiful as they are smooth and contrast nicely with the black headstock The tone is crisp and articulate when fingerpicked. There is plenty of bottom end (I like to thump the bass and do bass runs with my thumb) and the trebles shimmer. It gravitates more to fundamentals to my ear rather than overtones which makes for articulate, responsive fingerstyle work but also full and resonant when flatpicked. Extremely versatile! The case is extraordinary – Gieb style, I think. It even has an extra support or the headstock which I appreciate. (My only bespoke guitar by Canadian Luthier David Iannoni - Morgan Guitars - fell from a shelf and suffered a headstock fracture because there was no additional headstock support). I was conflicted as to order with or without the Anthem pickup system. I have heard great things about it and although it pained me to do so, I ordered without. My rationale is that since I play fingerstyle primarily and have largely hung up my performing shoes, I wanted the top to be unfettered by additional weight and as responsive as possible. As I stated, it is very articulate and responsive. I don’t know what the sound would be with the Anthem but the guitar is perfectly satisfying without. The instrument is a tremendous value even without the Anthem and with it, even more so. Maybe I’ll have to order another so I have a “counterfactual” for comparison . Bottom line, bravo – highly recommend!

BRIAN from Ladysmith

Tue, 05/07/2024 - 14:55

The essance of a conversation between my wife and I after receiving my new guitar in the mail. She starts: "Sweetie, dinner's ready, get it while it's hot" "I'll be there in a minute, baby, I'm really in a groove" 10 minutes later: "C'mon sweetie, dinner's getting cold" "Yeah, but I'm really cookin' now, darlin' there in a minute" "You've been playing all day...don't you want to take a break?" "Really getting into it my there soon" 15 minutes later" "I ate without you...I left yours so you can heat it up later" "Thanks baby, listen to this (twang twang)" 3 hours later: "Sweetie are you ever going to put that guitar down?" "Maybe" "Any idea when?" "I don't know, baby...ah...check the obits.

larry from Columbus

Fri, 02/09/2024 - 20:31

My main acoustic guitar is a Guild D55. My second is a Martin CEO4. But now the Ian Tyson has knocked the Martin down the list. Impeccably made, flawless workmanship, superior tone woods and other items you would find on a guitar that costs twice as much. And it comes with a case!!! When I received it I could not stop playing it.

Gerard from St-Damase

Fri, 02/09/2024 - 16:44

Je suis vraiment étonné de la qualité de ma nouvelle guitare Ian Tyson Inspiration. Les ajustements sont parfait et elle sonne comme une guitare que l’on pourrait évaluer au double du prix. Très satisfait. Je n’ai pas mis 5 étoiles pour la seule raison que votre site et les communications sont en anglais seulement malgré que vous soyez une compagnie Montréalaise.

H Collins from Great Barrington

Thu, 01/04/2024 - 14:14

The Ian Tyson has what it takes for a performing/studio guitarist of many decades. The florentine cutaway and gold equipment make it a looker when performing. It sounds very balanced in the studio miked, the lower large bout gives it a smooth bass that's wonderful, and great in open tunings. Easy to play for both strumming and finger work. All around a great value, after I tried all the top models of the usual Taylor, Breedlove, etc...this one has a voice worth hearing. Just for the record, I grew up on Ian and Sylvia LP's, so this one has extra meaning, an added bonus.

wiliam from TACOMA

Tue, 01/02/2024 - 13:47

like it a lot. sound great. it has the fattest body of any of the guitars i own but that is what probably makes it sound so good. it also has a great sentimental value to me because i first heard ian and sylvia in a nasty part of vietnam many years ago. thanks to a comrade who thought to bring a cassette tape recorder and three of their cd's in his duffle bag, they provided the only music we got to hear for a year. tyson's picture stares at me from inside the guitar when it is on its stand and i'm playing another instrument. spooky, especially when i'm playing one of their songs.

Chris from Dundas

Tue, 01/02/2024 - 12:16

I received my Ian Tyson Inspiration guitar in early Dec. as promised. Opening the case revealed a beautifully crafted guitar. The Bolivian Rosewood has a beauty unmatched in my opinion. The fit and finish are impeccable. Traversing along the neck felt very comfortable and familiar. The sound is warm, full and bright. This is my 2nd M&M guitar (3 yr. Old Tofino X) and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or purchase another M&M guitar. Chris


Tue, 01/02/2024 - 10:20

I had been impressed with the Dragon's Den episode and had contacted the company the week following to inquire if the financing had been arranged as broadcast, with the thought of speaking with the company about their monetary backing and if they were still looking for an investor. I thought the demo was well done, and surprised that the prototype had done so well in comparison with a much more expensive instrument. (The look on Kevin O'Leary's face was rather priceless.) Flash forward 10 years, I was looking for a higher quality guitar, I returned to the page, and was looking to purchase a "factory outlet" version of the Ian Tyson model. I dithered and delayed a day too long and missed out. I did put the retail version in my cart, but left the transaction incomplete. John reached out to me by email and made a suggestion, and at which I completed the sale. Guitar arrived as promised, plays very well. Considering adding the Algonquin 12 to the fold and selling the Taylor. Nice company to deal with, the personal touch meant a lot to me and my decision to move ahead. Thank you John.

Michael from Hempstead

Tue, 01/02/2024 - 10:17

I own several guitars, most much more expensive than this one. The Ian Tyson model ranks with the best of the others and is my current favorite. The tone, playability and workmanship is outstanding. Highly recommended!

Howard from Summerhill

Fri, 11/17/2023 - 17:42

As a previous buyer of a Tofino, I enjoyed and loved the instrument. We had a bridge lifting issue at which point I saw the most amazing kind and courteous customer service to address the issue and was determined that I could not or would not buy any more guitars and assured my wife of same. That being said, the Ian Tyson is so spectacular, and I am sure my wife would agree if I had the courage to tell her That I bought another of your guitars. I have a number of more expensive guitars and cannot wrap my head around the beautiful instrument that I have in my hands. Please keep this between us!



Neck Profile: 
shallow "C"
Frets To The Body: 
Scale Length: 
646 mm (25.4 inches)
Fretboard Radius: 
355mm (14 inches)
Neck width at nut: 
43 mm (1.7 inches)
E to E string spacing at nut: 
3.5 cm (1.4 inches)
Body Style: 
Jumbo Florentine Cut-a-way
Width at Upper Bout: 
29 cm (11.4 inches)
E to E string spacing at saddle: 
55 mm (2.15 inches)
Width at Waist: 
22.5 cm (9 inches)
Width at Lower Bout: 
41cm (16 inches)
Body Depth: 
10 cm (4 inches) at the neck - 12.5 cm (5 inches) at the end-pin
Body Length: 
51.5 cm (20.5 inches)
Body finish: 
Gloss laquer
Neck finish: 
Hand buffed satin laquer
Fretboard and Bridge: 
Macassar Ebony
Solid African Mahogany
Tuning Machines: 
Grover vintage open gearing high ratio (18:1) tuning machines
Body Back and Sides: 
Solid Bookmatched Bolivian Rosewood
Body Top Wood: 
AAA Solid Sitka Spruce
Nut & Saddle: 
Genuine bone
Hand-scalloped Spruce X bracing
D'Addario EXP16 light gauge (12-53) coated Phosphor Bronze
Professional arch top hardshell case (included at no additional cost)
Optional L.R.Baggs Anthem

Photo Gallery


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Rob Lutes Plays the New Spruce and Bolivian Rosewood Ian Tyson Inspiration


The MacKenzie & Marr Ian Tyson Acoustic Played By Rob Lutes

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