The Ian Tyson Inspiration Acoustic Guitar

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The Ian Tyson Inspiration Acoustic Guitar

A solid wood Florentine cut-a-way acoustic

The Ian Tyson Inspiration solid wood acoustic
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The Ian Tyson Inspiration is a solid wood Florentine cut-a-way acoustic guitar crafted with AAA-grade Sitka Spruce and book-matched Bolivian Rosewood.

Thank you Ian. Your memory lives on.

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CAD $3,299.99
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Price:USD $1,049.99

When we found a special stash of rare bookmatched Bolivian Rosewood with both heartwood and sapwood, we knew it was destined for an exceptional guitar. We challenged our workshop artisans to craft a one-of-a-kind model defining the art of building a MacKenzie and Marr acoustic.

They asked for inspiration, so we turned to our old friend in Alberta. Ian Tyson had definite ideas about what he wanted. The result of his input, together with the skill of our craftsmen, has delivered an exceptional solid wood Florentine cutaway - the Ian Tyson Inspiration, the newest MacKenzie & Marr Guitar.

A Florentine cutaway, one that comes to a sharp point, differs from a gently curved Venetian cutaway in more than just visual appeal. With a Florentine cutaway, the guitar is constructed as a symmetrical full-body model, and then the cutaway section is removed. The sidewall of the now-detached section is inverted and re-attached, creating the unique Florentine profile.

Because of the skill, time and difficulty required to craft a genuine Florentine cutaway, they are not as common as the Venetian version.

Please note:
The blend between dark heartwood and lighter sapwood varies from guitar to guitar. No matter the blend between the two, we guarantee that your guitar will be a work of art. (NB. Jerry, our luthier, and John waste a lot of time simply marvelling at each guitar as they prep it.)
The black pickguard on the sample is just plain ugly. All production guitars will have the clear pickguard pictured in the image gallery below.

Owner Reviews

Stephen from Ajax

Mon, 05/30/2022 - 13:42

I Received my new instrument a little over 4 months after the order. There were some delays, but it was most definitely worth the wait. The craftsmanship is superb, as is the sound quality and comes with a custom fitting hardshell case. I'm now contemplating ordering the Riverboat Dred.

Craig from Spartanburg

Thu, 05/19/2022 - 14:47

I'm primarily an electric player (Jazz, Blues, Rock) and have typically struggled with acoustic instruments because I can't do what I want to on them like I can on my archtops and solid body electrics. This Ian Tyson is the first acoustic that plays well enough for me to be able to play what I want. The feel and action is great, the instrument is beautiful & the sound is rich and full. Thank you Macmarr for introducing me to the acoustic I've been looking for these last 30 yrs.

George from Chelmsford

Mon, 01/31/2022 - 22:51

Simply a terrific guitar! I own over 30 guitars, some costing in the multiple of thousands and this guitar is as good or better than any of them. It's also beautiful, plays easily and is an incredible buy. I am extremely happy with my purchase. Nice case too.

Larry from Blacksburg

Mon, 11/29/2021 - 12:58

I am well pleased with my purchase of a M/M guitar. The fit and finish are impeccable. Playability is excellent. Set up nicely for my heavy strumming and flat picking. Big sound! I had no previous knowledge of this guitar maker, but the attractive price encouraged me to give it a try. Robust return policy gave me confidence that I was protected in case I was disappointed. I’m a happy buyer.

Daniel from Brampton

Tue, 11/23/2021 - 14:17

I love my Ian Tyson Inspiration guitars. Stay in tune best. Plays very well. Sounds awesome. Mackenzie Marr create beautiful instruments. Very much recommend this as high quality guitar of choice, produces great ty sound Valve for the money, I see extremely good Absolutely love my two Ian Tyson Inspiration Mackenzie Marr guitars Hands down great choice of acoustic guitar Best regards Daniel

Barry from Quebec

Tue, 11/23/2021 - 14:16

Super great guitar has the looks and the playability of a great guitar

Rodney from Georgetown

Wed, 11/17/2021 - 21:41

The GOOD, the less than good, the really great. After the 4 month wait, finally received the Ian Tyson Inspiration. The Good: Beautiful woodwork, good action, excellent case, well packaged and arrived intact and unscathed by UPS and multiple other shipping adventures. The Lass than Good: Was missing the nylon tool to adjust the front/back balance on the Anthem pickup system. Contacted L.R. Baggs and they are sending one via post. Also was expecting an unattached clear pick guard, was not included. If I decide to put a pick guard on will source via internet. There is one blemish on the guitar......a chip in the finish at the edge of the cable plug-in/strap knob. The fitting is secure and the blemish is in a spot that is invisible when the strap is in place. Not a biggie, but just wanted to give a full, honest review. Contacted John and he said a clear pick guard is on its way and that compensation will be provided for the chipping at the strap peg. The REALLY GREAT: The sound!!!! What a live, balanced sound. For a "green" guitar, this amount of resonance and purity of tone are amazing and foretell of even more wonderful sounds as the guitar matures and seasons in. Have been playing the guitar for a month or so in rehearsal and performance and it is indeed opening up and sounding fantastic! Well done MacMarr!!!

John from Riverside

Wed, 11/17/2021 - 21:34

There are few dreadnaught guitars which are not simply banjo killers.  Joni had one.  So did Judy, but they are rarities.  With most the tone is just not tame or well balanced.  For accompaniment, they are not the best choice for a singer/songwriter. C.F.'s favorite guitar was a 00.  There were many nice old J model Gibsons like Buffy's but these smaller guitars, like the 00, didn't respond well to being redesigned for heavier strings.  The Martin F/M/J/0000 is a good choice but it tends to err to being overbuilt and somewhat undersized.  The old Martin F guitars which were converted to flattops were deeper with VERY rounded backs. If you sing and play well, the question becomes "where do I find a guitar which can accompany my voice?" The Tyson MacKenzie and Marr answers that question very forcefully. Pretty is nice.  If bling make you or audience happy, the Tyson is an elegant 40 style pearl guitar with an exceptional rosette.  Too bad the audience can't see the sides and back of Bolivian rosewood!  The sapwood back center may not please everyone.  Mine is a skunk, not a chevron this time and it is beautiful!  The top is wood it die for. The Venetian cutaway is something new to me.  I really can play up there?  Yes! The neck is familiar, comfortable, matte finished for speed and topped with open gear pegs - a favorite, The sound is authoritative but not overpowering.  It flatpicks beautifully and fingerpicks easily.  It doesn't BOOM but could hold it's own in any setting. I wonder why I am waiting for my Riverboat?  There are still banjoes prowling the world.  I can sing duets and trios but fo being alone with a mic, I'll take the Tyson.

Christopher from Tacoma

Wed, 11/17/2021 - 13:18

This instrument is beautifully built, with a flawless finish. The rosewood body is exquisite, and the florentine cut-away is perfect. I can't imagine the high level of craftsmanship that this model requires. The tones of this guitar across the spectrum are lovely, balanced, and rich, and sustains long. The sound with my fingers alone is soft and melodious; and with a pick, the sound fills the room. I accepted the L R Baggs Anthem Pickup, an impressive upgrade, at no cost. Though, the sound is so full that I haven't needed to use it. There were daunting challenges in transit. In addition to the general difficulty in shipping these covid days, there was a carrier foul-up, no fault of Mackenzie and Marr. I received my guitar exactly as expected, given the delay, and I think it's safe arrival had everything to do with the outstanding attention that John Marr gave it. He was right on top of everything; and he communicated with me frankly and immediately. This is a first-rate company, top notch instruments and top-notch service. I am so happy I went with them. I have the Opeongo 00 guitar too. How do they do it? I can't decide which guitar to pickup, but I look forward to playing every day. It's amazing what a nice instrument does for you to make practice and scales a pleasure.


Thu, 05/13/2021 - 17:19

I recently purchased an Ian Tyson inspired cutaway. It is the most beautiful acoustic that I have ever seen. Everyone who has seen the guitar comments on its beauty. It has a sweet sound and the balance from the high e to the low e blends beautifully. The neck is quite similar to an electric and as it comes equipped with light gauge strings it is very playable. I purchased the Tom Rush Signature dreadnaught #55 back in 2012. It has more bass and volume that the Ian Tyson but doesn't have the same balance. I have gone into music stores and played their high-end guitars. I found none that sounded any better, or as good, as either of my MacKenzie Marr guitars. As it turns out, I have two amazing guitars for far less than than than I would have paid for a mid-level "brand name".



Neck Profile: 
shallow "C"
Frets To The Body: 
Scale Length: 
646 mm (25.4 inches)
Fretboard Radius: 
355mm (14 inches)
Neck width at nut: 
43 mm (1.7 inches)
E to E string spacing at nut: 
3.5 cm (1.4 inches)
Body Style: 
Jumbo Florentine Cut-a-way
Width at Upper Bout: 
29 cm (11.4 inches)
E to E string spacing at saddle: 
55 mm (2.15 inches)
Width at Waist: 
22.5 cm (9 inches)
Width at Lower Bout: 
41cm (16 inches)
Body Depth: 
10 cm (4 inches) at the neck - 12.5 cm (5 inches) at the end-pin
Body Length: 
51.5 cm (20.5 inches)
Body finish: 
Gloss laquer
Neck finish: 
Hand buffed satin laquer
Fretboard and Bridge: 
Macassar Ebony
Solid African Mahogany
Tuning Machines: 
Grover vintage open gearing high ratio (18:1) tuning machines
Body Back and Sides: 
Solid Bookmatched Bolivian Rosewood
Body Top Wood: 
AAA Solid Sitka Spruce
Nut & Saddle: 
Genuine bone
Hand-scalloped Spruce X bracing
D'Addario EXP16 light gauge (12-53) coated Phosphor Bronze
Professional arch top hardshell case (included at no additional cost)
Optional L.R.Baggs Anthem

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Rob Lutes Plays the New Spruce and Bolivian Rosewood Ian Tyson Inspiration


The MacKenzie & Marr Ian Tyson Acoustic Played By Rob Lutes

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