The Canadian Songwriter

The Canadian Songwriter dreadnought
Price:USD $697.99

A songwriter's guitar is a very special instrument. It needs to respond to the "Muse" along with the artist and as any writer will tell you, the Muse is a capricious mistress. One minute she's demanding a bluesy walk down the big strings and the next a fiddle inspired jig ending somewhere north of the 10th fret. To label a songwriting guitar as "versatile" would be an understatement. Sonically it needs both a bright treble and an instantly available thumping bass - not an easy combination. Each string has to deliver distinct overtones and yet one can't hog the spotlight. The action and the neck need to have a tactile quality best described as "invisible". in short, a songwriting guitar is a very personal thing - not so much a tool as an extension of the artist. We're especially proud to introduce the Canadian Songwriter. 
An acoustic guitar with a bright resonant treble usually gives up power at the low end. We wanted to overcome that characteristic. We wanted a strong projective bass and a bright crisp upper end. We also wanted it at an unheard of price for a solid wood guitar of this quality. In short we wanted it all - easy playability, versatile sound and a rocket price. We're thrilled to say we did it!
The Canadian Songwriter continues our quest to bring solid wood high end acoustic guitars to musicians at affordable prices. At $899.99 (including a professional grade hardshell case and an electric pickup) it redefines value. 
Our dreadnought body (inspired by the iconic 1930s Martin D's) formed the foundation for the new guitar. It's been an astoundingly successful shape since we launched it. Mahogany was the obvious wood choice to for the back and sides. It is a wonderful tone wood for highlighting higher frequencies. How did we add back in the power in the lower registers? The secret is in the top wood. Cedar tops are our specialty. Really exceptional Cedar - the kind you need for really exceptional guitars - is expensive. Most guitar makers have to build a dealer markup into their prices so they often don't use the really good stuff. We're not constrained by expensive distribution so we use only top quality wood and hand select each book matched pair. The cedar top of the Canadian Songwriter has an open grain which works beautifully with Mahogany B/S. The combination of open grain top wood and light weight Indonesian Mahogany projects clear and strong bass frequencies.


Scale Length: 
25 1/2v inches
Fretboard Radius: 
16 inches (40.6 cm)
Width at Nut: 
1 23/32 inches (just shy of 1 3/4)
E to E string spacing at nut: 
1 7/16 inches (36.2 mm)
Width at Upper Bout: 
11 1/2 inches
Width at Lower Bout: 
15 3/4 inches
Body Length: 
19 3/4 in
Straight grain Indonesian Mahogany
Tuning Machines: 
20:1 M&M gold plated with acrylic buttons
Body Back and Sides: 
AA Solid Indonesian Mahogany
Body Top: 
AA solid Western Canadia Red Cedar
Nut & Saddle: 
Nut - bone, Saddle Tusq
Premium arch top hardshell case with combination lock
B Band under-saddle pickup

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Leela Gilday Plays the MacKenzie & Marr Canadian Songwriter

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