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Dionisio X Cedar Top Cutaway

An affordable solid wood cut-a-way acoustic.

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A full-voiced solid wood acoustic cut-a-way crafted with AAA-grade West Coast Cedar and sustainable Kaya Ivornisis (African Mahogany). True Direct to Musician pricing.

The 10th Anniversary Dionisio is a solid AAA grade Western Red Cedar top cut-a-way acoustic guitar with African Mahogany back and sides.

Suggested Retail Price: 
CAD $2,199.00
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Price:USD $749.99

For as long as we've been selling handcrafted acoustic guitars (which as you no doubt know is not very long at all), we've been asked to produce an acoustic with a cutaway body. Dionisio is our answer to that request. Introduced shortly after our launch in 2010, it has quickly become a sought after model.

Dionisio features include:

  • AAA grade solid Canadian Red Cedar top
  • Solid quilted African Mahogany (Khaya Ivorinsis) B/S
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Bass High bridge
  • Archtop hardshell case
  • 18:1 high ratio gold Grover Rotomatic tuning machines
  • 2nd Strap button at the heel of the neck.

As with all MacKenzie & Marr Guitars, Dionisio comes with a limited lifetime warranty against any manufacturing and/or material defects. our 7 Day Love It or Leave It Guarantee (try any of our guitars in the comfort of your own home for a week and if, for any reason, you don't fall in love we'll take it back - no questions asked)

Owner Reviews

Donald from Ormstown

Wed, 07/10/2024 - 11:59

I was at a party with a bunch of other musicians and one of them had this guitar, a Tofino. He said to me, "give it a try", so I did and I was blown away. He also mentioned Dragon's Den, and suggested I give it a watch. I still hesitated at the thought of purchasing something I haven't tried out but when I saw the "love it or leave it" 7 day policy, I said,"why not". I opted for the Dionisio with the cutaway, sent my payment, and anxiously awaited the guitar. It arrived very well packed and ready to go. It was actually still in tune and the action was set up perfectly for my preference. I smiled when I took it out of the case, this guitar is a thing of beauty, even if I didn't play, I would hang it on the wall just to gaze at. The finish is flawless and the craftsmanship is second to none. Sonically, this guitar ranks up there with all the guitars I've been trying out that cost as much as a decent second hand vehicle. Not needing another vehicle, I'll be looking into purchasing another one of these extraordinary guitars because I can't stop playing this one. Well done MacKenzie Marr!


Fri, 05/10/2024 - 16:08

I recently purchased the Dionisio X Cedar Top Cutaway after some online research. I have no regrets, the guitar is absolutely beautiful and plays great. It has a nice warm tone when I use fingerstyle and it "perks up" very nicely when I use a pick. When you see the guitar, experience the out of the case set up it is hard to believe I got it for the $800 bucks delivered. It you are thinking about buying one ... go for it, you will not regret it.

Dave from Calgary

Tue, 05/07/2024 - 16:26

I just received my beautiful Mackenzie & Marr Dionisio X Cedar Top Cutaway. The fit and finish of the guitar is stellar and the sound it produces is beautiful! Strong resonance comes from the body of the guitar and it is a dream to play. Set up well for finger picking! Can’t beat the price for an solid wood guitar! Cheers and keep on strumming.

Don from Smithville

Sun, 02/25/2024 - 19:04

Mr. Marr, Thank you for taking the time to talk with me about your guitars. Admittedly when I saw a picture of your guitar on line it definitely caught my interest, but when I saw the price I thought though it was really nice looking, the quality might not be there. Because I was searching on-line to add to my collection, your guitars kept popping up, and each one was beautiful. So I finally sent you an email with my cell number asking for more information, and I was very surprised that you called me right away. You took the time to go into detail about your company and your approach to how and why you are selling these great guitars on line. Your trial and refund policy is excellent, so the next day I ordered the Dionisio model and you shipped it to me exactly when you said you would. I can't believe how beautiful this guitar is. It plays every bit as well, and sounds as nice as my other acoustic guitars (A Martin, Taylor and a Furch), at significantly less cost. I would highly recommend your company and your product, and wouldn't hesitate to order from you again. Don Robert

Clifford from Largo

Thu, 08/17/2023 - 17:55

I love my Dionisio X Cut-a-Way guitar, and I never cared that it was "Less-Than-Perfect". I challenge anyone to even find the imperfection! First of all, the guitar is beautiful It is so visually appealing to be unbelievable at that price point. Second, the tone is beautiful. I've owned a couple Breedlove guitars, an Alvarez 12 string, as well as a Martin, and without a doubt the tone is the best. Very nice lower range - nicely bassy. Third, the action is outstanding straight out of the box. Lastly, the size is great. I just really like the Concerto "style" with the cutaway and the smaller body. It makes the fact that the bass is so great even more significant. MacKenzie & Marr are great communicators too. I absolutely recommend that you look at their entire line of guitars because there is going to be one perfect for you!"

Niley from Wichita Falls

Thu, 08/10/2023 - 08:39

Attractive, well-made instrument. Playability is about 3-star. I’m comparing against Furch, Martin and Taylor, all more playable, but still head and shoulders above Zager whose comparable product is a bit higher priced. Hard to replace an old Furch or Martin, but for the money M&M delivers a nice product.

Alex from Chatham

Wed, 06/28/2023 - 11:38

The Dionisio X fit the description of the guitar I was looking for and the price seemed very reasonable. I had some reservations about buying a guitar without having the ability to try it out first, but M and M’s 7 day return policy convinced me to give it a try. I was also concerned about shipping an instrument through UPS. However, the guitar arrived with the hard case well padded and bubble wrapped inside a cardboard box. The instrument itself was snug within the hard case and the headstock was held firmly with foam padding. The guitar is a fine piece of work with beautiful straight grain on the cedar top and top quality woods. The abalone accents set it off nicely. The guitar is a joy to play and has a rich warm tone. I would certainly recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a very nice cedar top at a reasonable price.

Craig from LONGWOOD

Wed, 05/03/2023 - 05:10

Received my Dionisio yesterday and thanks to the marketing "hype" my expectations bar was set very high. I own a Martin and two Taylors (among others) and I expected this to be at least in that neighborhood. What I didn't expect was for it to be the Mayor of the neighborhood. This surpasses my Taylors in playability, tone, and most certainly in looks. It's a tie with my Martin except for looks, which the Dionisio wins hands down. The fit and finish is perfect. Intonation - perfect. Tone - well, it's a cedar top, very sensitive, very responsive, more so than spruce, so you have to "lay off" of it a bit, don't overdrive it, let the guitar do the work and it's scary good! I think the most impressive thing for me is the playability. The nut is just a hair smaller than the other instruments mentioned (1 11/16" vs. 1 3/4") but the shape of the neck is...I don't know..."better", although I know that's a personal preference thing. By the way, I put the word "hype" in quotes at the beginning of this on purpose. Because it's not. Hype that is. It's not hype. It's facts. This guitar is 5 stars across the board at twice this price. So yeah...I guess I'm keeping it. Anybody wanna buy a Taylor 324CE?

William from Oshawa

Mon, 11/14/2022 - 13:53

I have been playing for about 50yrs. and I am as excited now as I was when I first started! I was in the market for a high end acoustic for quite awhile and played many of the brands over $5,000. I stumbled across MacKenzie and Marr some time ago and did my research. All of the videos and reviews said "go for it" and I did. The seven day love it or return tipped the scale. Just to let you know, you can't have it back! It came set up nicely right out of the box. I put the battery in the Baggs, tuned it up and took off. It plays and sounds great and the workmanship is really amazing. I find this every bit as good as the guitars costing five times as much and recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality instrument.

Pierre from Montreal

Wed, 09/14/2022 - 14:46

Tout simplement, incroyable! Une construction impeccable. Le choix des bois comme sur les meilleures guitares. M&M connait vraiment la recette pour produire une bonne guitare. Et à ce prix, tout simplement incroyable. Le son de cette guitare est tout simplement fantastique. J'ai confiance que le son va encore s'améliorer avec le temps.À date je ne trouve aucun défaut. Merci Mac and Marr!



Neck Profile: 
Modified "V"
Frets To The Body: 
Scale Length: 
646mm(25 1/2 inches)
Fretboard Radius: 
40cm (15.7 inches)
Neck width at nut: 
43mm (1 11/16 inches)
Body Style: 
OM - with Venetian (round) cut-a-way
Width at Upper Bout: 
288mm (11.3 inches)
Width at Waist: 
239mm (9.4 inches)
Width at Lower Bout: 
385mm (15.2 inches)
Body Depth: 
104mm (4.1 inches) at endpin
Body Length: 
492mm (19.4 inches)
Neck finish: 
Hand rubber satin lacquer
Fretboard and Bridge: 
Bolivian Rosewood
Quarter sawn Mahogany
Tuning Machines: 
Gold Grover high ratio (18:1) Rotomatic tuning machines
Body Back and Sides: 
Solid AAA grade quilted African Mahogany (Khaya.ivornesis)
Body Top Wood: 
Solid AAA grade bookmatched filtch-cut Western Canadian Cedar
Nut & Saddle: 
Genuine bone
Hand scalloped Spruce X bracing
D'Addario EXP16 light gauge (12-53) coated Phosphor Bronze
Premium arch-top hard shell case (included at no additional cost)
Optional L.R.Baggs Anthem electric pickup/preamp

Photo Gallery


Denny Snyder Plays a MacKenzie & Marr Dionisio Cedar Top Acoustic


Adam Plays the MacKenzie & Marr Dionisio X

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