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Tofino X (10th Anniversary Limited Edition)

The Guitar of the Decade - Our Original Cedar-Top Acoustic.

MacKenzie and Marr solid wood Tofino
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We first introduced Tofino in January 2010 on the CBC program Dragon's Den, where Kevin O'Leary chose it over a much more expensive guitar in a blindfold test. Tofino became an instant  bestseller.


A solid AAA grade Cedar-top OM style acoustic guitar with solid African Mahogany back and sides

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CAD $2,399.99
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Price:USD $749.99

The MacKenzie & Marr Tofino is a solid-wood Cedar top acoustic guitar that harkens back to a time of hand-craftsmanship - before CNC machines took over the production floor, bean counters ruled the office and "branding" replaced pride of artistry - Back to a time when the link between craftsman and musician still existed and back to a time when a simple commitment to deliver a well-made instrument at an honest price was all the "mission statement" needed.

We first introduced Tofino in January 2010 on the CBC program Dragon's Den, where  Kevin O'Leary chose it over a much more expensive guitar in a blindfold test. Since then, Tofino has become our most requested model.

In 2020 we introduced a special limited edition of Tofino. We call it Tofino X (pronounced "ten").  Without surrendering any of the qualities of the original Tofino, we've added features to set this edition apart - genuine Maple binding on the body, neck and headstock as well as Abalone purfling around the top.

The original Tofino had a back and sides made from Okoume, an African Mahogany. In subsequent production runs, we moved to Indonesian Mahogany, in part out of concern for the unverifiable harvest practices in Central Africa. For 2020, with the advent of FSB certification and monitoring,  we're pleased once again to use African wood - this time Khaya.ivornesis, the premium African Mahogany.

There is no standard electric pickup in this guitar, but the L.R. Baggs Anthem (perhaps the best pickup on the planet) is available as an optional extra. The pickguard is included in the case as a user-installed option. It easily attaches to the top with a self-adhesive backing for those who want a pickguard.

Some of the unique features include:

  • Gold plated 18:1 Grover Rotomatic tuning machines.
  • Aged (30 months of air drying) AAA cedar top and AAA Khaya (African Mahogany) B/S
  • Optional L.R. Baggs pickup and preamp
  • A no-additional-cost archtop hardshell case
  • Maple binding
  • Abalone purfling
  • Shallow "V" neck profile

Our artisan-crafted Tofino marries the warm, rich tone of a Western Canadian cedar top with the projection and depth of the African Mahogany back and sides. The Neck is also Mahogany. The fretboard and bridge are Indian Rosewood. The nut and saddle are genuine bone.

A hardshell case is included at no additional cost with every MacKenzie & Marr guitar.

Tofino rivals much more expensive solid-wood acoustic guitars for sound, tonal presence and sheer playability. As with all MacKenzie & Marr Guitars, it carries a limited lifetime warranty against any manufacturing and/or material defects. Play this guitar in the comfort of your own home for a week. If you don't fall in love with it, we'll take it back and issue a full refund, including shipping costs.

Owner Reviews

Philip from Toronto

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 11:49

I have been looking at a new guitar for a while now (years really). The guitars that I gravitated towards - were pushing thousands of dollars. As a casual player I kept pushing off a new purchase. That was until an ad popped up this past year about Mackenzie and Marr guitars. I gave them a look, comparing the specs on the Tofino X against the guitars I was looking at. I read every review I could find. It checked all the boxes on paper at easily half the cost. And with the seven day love it or leave it I thought there was little to lose. The guitar arrived towards the end of January with only a slight delay from the pre-order date. The guitar arrived boxed up in pristine condition. I pulled the case out of the box and let the guitar acclimate for about three hours or so as recommended on the box (it was a cold Toronto day). The guitar case is solid, and a nice touch. Here are my first impressions once I could finally get the Tofino in my hands. The guitar is beautiful. The inlay and binding are stunning. The finish was pristine. I took a look inside the sound hole - this is a very well constructed instrument. It is also lighter than I would have thought. This was a surprise to me but made me realize the difference between a well crafted guitar that wasn't over-glued vs what I have been playing for years that now feels like a solid block of wood. Once strummed this guitar really sings. The set-up was great. And the satin finish on the neck really makes this a playable instrument. But is was the tone and the sustain that really caught my attention. The tone is very well balanced and clear. And the sustain goes on forever. Needless to say I am thrilled with the Tofino. It looks, plays and sounds like an instrument easily two or three times the price. Buying a guitar without being able to strum is is always a risk. Tone can be a very personal thing. However, I find it hard to believe that there are (m)any that would turn this instrument away after playing it for a couple of days. Well done boys!

Steven from Myrtle Beach

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 11:48

The Tofino X is obviously a very well made guitar. Great to look at great to play. I’ve had mine for 8 weeks, and it’s sounding better all the time. You won’t find another guitar at this price point to beat it. There’s no way you’ll return this guitar after the trial period.

john from cedar knolls

Tue, 02/23/2021 - 14:10

The guitar is a fine instrument. Good workmanship, great sound. Worth the price paid. The only minor issue I had was the fact there was no battery installed requiring me to loosen all the strings and fish for the battery casing, which was attached by velcro to the interior of the guitar.

Bruce from Charlottesville

Tue, 02/23/2021 - 14:10

You can’t go wrong with a MacKenzie and Marr handmade guitar. They feature: 1. Clear communication; 2. An owner who is directly and promptly responsive to questions; 3. Guitars with outstanding price and value; including 4. Tofino X . This is a 5.Beautiful guitar, which is 6. As easy to play as it is beautiful, and 7.Sounds even better than it looks! 8. My Tofie has me already beginning to rationalize buying another MaxKenzie and Marr guitar sometime in late 2021.

Kurt from NANAIMO

Fri, 02/05/2021 - 09:13

Dear MacKenzie & Marr: Thank you for providing me with a world-class guitar at such a relatively inexpensive price. It's a beauty: both visually and sound-wise. Twenty-three years ago, I purchased a 1997 Special Edition SPD-16T Martin for about twice the amount of money that I spent on the Tofino X. Over those past twenty-three years, I would periodically go into a guitar shop noodling around on a whole host of other 'brand name' guitars and would always leave the building smiling smugly to myself feeling more than complacent with the purchase I had made with the Martin. After a month of playing my Tofino X, I started to feel pangs of guilt having abandoned my Martin in its case in the foyer closet but the sheer pleasure of the sound of the Tofino X is all too tempting. I'm in a rather fortunate position of knowing how to play a variety of genres of music--classic, folk, blues, and mountain music--and will be able to allocate different 'numbers' to the different guitars: classic to my Yamaha Classic; perhaps folk to my Martin, and blues and mountain music to my Tofino X. Who knows, for sure? Anyhow, I am thrilled with the Tofino X. One surprise feature for me is the curvature of the body and how snugly it fits on my upper thigh. There seems to be no chance of the guitar sliding across my lap as I lean in to play. Hats off to MacKenzie and Marr for providing guitar enthusiasts with a superior product at such an accessible and affordable price! If I had enough money, I would surely buy one of each of the fine guitar models MacKenzie and Marr produces.

Sam Z from Toronto

Wed, 01/27/2021 - 11:51

What can I say...quality and artisanship of Mackenzie & Marr guitars are out of this world! Preordered Tofino X and while waiting for this sweet guitar I bought a Martin mahogany to play for the interim. When Tofino X arrived a few weeks later, within seconds of playing I immediately regret buying the Martin, granted both guitars use different wood (cedar vs mahogany), but Tofino X exceeded my expectations in every way, from now on I won't buy another guitar unless it's from Mac&Marr. P.S. anyone interested in grabbing a Martin 000-15M in mint condition? :)

Mary from Silver Spring

Wed, 01/27/2021 - 11:46

This is a fantastic instrument. Perfectly set up. Beautiful to look at but the tone blows me away. So rich and angelic. I love everything about this guitar. Feels comfortable to play.

Mike from Gabriola

Thu, 12/24/2020 - 12:53

I bought my Tofino guitar in July of 2020 with the LR Baggs Anthem pick up system. Of all the guitars I have I pick up this one all the time. I love it. It sounds amazing even with no amp has a sustain and ring that is so nice. The quality, look and feel are great. I can leave this guitar for days and it is always in tune. It is one of the best buys I've ever made. As a West Coast Canadian I was drawn to the name Tofino of course but mostly wanted to support Canadian business. Believe me, you won't be disappointed if you buy one of their guitars and I'm 72 and still buying and playing. Mike Mead


Tue, 12/01/2020 - 16:11

I was looking for a robust, all around great sounding guitar to use for recordings. Previously, my go to guitar was a '66 Gibson B-25, which has a very sweet sound, but . . . it sounds small . . . because it is small. I wanted a bigger sound, and I tried out the Tofino. When it arrived, I was a bit skeptical, because it's not much bigger than my B-25; but it sounds bigger! That bigger sound just rolls out. It just sounds great. Great for strumming, single note flat picking, finger picking, and Ohh the harmonics! You will feel a primal need to play the intro to "Roundabout." This guitar has a few characteristics that I had to adjust to: I have long been using heavy picks, but on this guitar, using a thin pick for strumming chords gives a sweeter sounding attack. I think it makes a significant difference. Also, if you do any big band style rhythm guitar, like chords on the beat with a little silence between each strum, you will find that you don't get that silence in between; because the section of string above the nut is still vibrating. I stuck a piece of felt up there, and that was the end of that. That portion of the string vibrating probably adds some richness and complexity, but in that style, I had to dampen that stuff. And, . . I didn't put that silly pickguard on. If you strum with an absolute reckless abandon, maybe you would need it, or maybe you would find a better one. I'm perfectly happy with no pickguard. Great guitar. Beautiful finish. Great value. Came with a nice case, too.

John from Baltimore

Fri, 11/20/2020 - 09:10

My guitar: Tofino X, 10th anniversary edition of the Tofino flagship guitar. Purchased May 2020. If you’re reading this you have two questions. 1. Should I buy a MacKenzie.& Marr guitar? 2. Why? The answer to the first question is an unequivocal “Yes.” Whatever one you’re considering buy it now. As for the second question, I’ve narrowed the answers down to the following. Playability. This is or should be the prime criterion when selecting a guitar. The trick with a MacMarr is that you cannot assess its playability before you open the case for the first time. So let me assure you: It’s playable. My Tofino X is arguably one of the most playable instruments on the market. For tone, balance, clarity, volume, sustain (such sustain!) you cannot do better without spending thousands more — and even then you’ll probably do just as well. The neck as set up by MacMarr plays a big role in this; it’s an amazingly playable neck for an acoustic. I have mine on an acoustic guitar stand in the living room, in front of our non-working fireplace. I can’t walk by it without picking it up just to fingerpick or strum and pick out some scales, even for a couple of minutes. It is a very satisfying guitar to play. Beauty. That’s the only word I can come up with to describe how really, really good this guitar looks. It’s beautiful. The reason it’s allowed to sit in its stand in the living room is because my wife thinks it’s beautiful, too. The silhouette, the inlay, the finish, the binding, the lovely gold hardware, the headstock and logo... It is a very beautiful guitar and impossible to not just stand in front of it and admire it. All the Little Details. This guitar wants for nothing. The touches that add to its beauty. The quality of the wood and hardware. X-bracing! The strings. Here’s one detail that I really applaud MacMarr for. I hate getting a new acoustic and having to drill a hole in the heel of the neck for a strap button. I’m always afraid I’m going to screw it up. I was particularly stressed about my Tofino as I waited for it. And then I opened the case and there on the neck heel was a lovely, perfectly placed strap button. For that alone they will always have my admiration. You could call this answer “MacKenzie & Marr clearly has made sure that every small detail that would make a guitarist smile is included in the final product. And that includes the arch top case, which is both solid and really cool. This is one thoughtfully designed, carefully crafted, and perfectly produced instrument.” Value. There is no better value on the market, anywhere. The price for an instrument this playable, beautiful, and detail-rich should shame other builders. And they are highly valued by their owners, as an ongoing survey of sites like eBay and Reverb shows. I’ve looked high and low, month after month, and I’ve found just one MacMarr for sale. No one is parting with his or her MacKenzie & Marr. If you want a MacMarr, you’ll have to buy new. And you’ll want more. Every BMW owner I know loves their BMW so much that they have at least two. I think MacMarr owners feel the same about their guitars. I’m saving for an Opeongo and hope I can salt enough away for the upcoming 12-string, too, before it sells out. MacKenzie & Marr. Guitars aren’t built in a vacuum. When you buy your guitar, you’re also buying into the company that built it. I have nothing but admiration for and trust in MacMarr. They are a thoroughly customer-focused organization, uncompromising in their vision and execution of that vision. They care about the customer experience. Here’s a perfect example. For you kids reading this in 2045, we had a bit of a scare with something called COVID-19 back in 2020. My guitar came with a thoughtfully designed and perfectly crafted mask, a vital piece of the public health battle against the disease. It was such a beautiful, happy surprise. How many other companies can you name that care if you live or die — and show you? MacKenzie & Marr is one of the best companies in any category, anywhere. I really love my Tofino X. I consider it one of the best purchases I’ve made and a truly satisfying addition to my life. It will only increase in value. I look forward to expanding my MacMarr collection. Any other questions?



Neck Profile: 
Modified "V"
Frets To The Body: 
Scale Length: 
646mm (25 1/2 inches)
Fretboard Radius: 
40cm (15.7 inches)
Neck width at nut: 
43mm (1 11/16 inches)
E to E string spacing at nut: 
35mm (1.4 inches)
Body Style: 
Width at Upper Bout: 
288mm (11.3 inches)
E to E string spacing at saddle: 
55mm (2.15 inches)
Width at Waist: 
239mm (9.4 inches)
Width at Lower Bout: 
385mm (15.2 inches)
Body Depth: 
104mm (4.1 inches) at endpin
Body Length: 
492mm (19.4 inches)
Body finish: 
Gloss laquer
Neck finish: 
Hand rubbed satin lacquer
Fretboard and Bridge: 
Indian Rosewood
Tuning Machines: 
18:1 gold Grover Rotomatic
Body Back and Sides: 
Solid AAA grade quilted African Mahogany (Khaya.ivornesis)
Body Top Wood: 
Solid AAA grade bookmatched Western Canadian Cedar
Nut & Saddle: 
Genuine bone
Hand scalloped Spruce X bracing
D'Addario EXP16 light gauge (12-53) coated Phosphor Bronze
Neck Binding: 
Body Binding: 
Bridge Pins: 
Premium arch-top hard shell case (included at no additional cost)
Optional L.R.Baggs Anthem electric pickup/preamp

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Irish Mythen plays the MacKenzie & Marr Tofino


Steve Poltz plays Tofino


Denny Snyder Plays a MacKenzie & Marr Guitar - first impressions

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